Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Sexual Orientation is Developed in the Womb | evoL =

Despite societal discrimination and religious persecution, homosexuality and bi-sexuality, like heterosexuality, are inborn traits that cannot be changed and are not a choice. Attempted suppression does not work. It always pushes through. Human sexuality is very complex. It is not simply one moment or one single dividing cell, that affects one’s sexuality but a series of changes and combinations of androgens released prenatally at specific times (or not) which establish a person’s sexual orientation...

Read on: Sexual Orientation is Developed in the Womb | evoL =

This 2012 post has some interesting information on the biological determination of sexuality, the definition of gender and intersex conditions. Links are provided for further reading. Above all, it nails very thoroughly the oft-repeated myth that we are all either male or female, and our sex/gender is determined purely by our genitalia.

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