Thursday, 3 May 2012

Peter Saunders promotes discredited ex-gay therapies

This canting hypocrite annoys me intensely. I follow his discussions with others on Twitter, I see the arrant and venonmous nonsense he posts on his blog, and it is glaringly obvious that Peter Saunders, who claims to be a Christian and a medic, renders a grave disservice to both Christianity and medicine. He equivocates like a jesuit ("Do you object to being labelled ‘homophobic’ when you are actually just ‘homosceptic’?") to cover his bigoted little arse and merrily ignores science when it doesn’t suit his agenda. He is, of course, a homophobe. This is very evident from his writings. In fact, for someone who claims to be a qualified doctor, straight and happily married for years, he’s remarkably obsessive about what other people do in the privacy of their bedroom. His latest hobby-horse is the long discredited and now repudiated “gay cure” therapy.

So, just to be clear about this, “gay cures”/”ex-gay therapy”/”conversion therapy” involve the following:
  • perpetuation of the myth that being LGBT is a mental illness;
  • normalising homophobia, including reinforcement of internalised homophobia.

There are different methods, depending on the organisation. Any combination may be used:
conversion therapy, some of which reads like the aversion therapy inflicted on the anti-hero of A Clockwork Orange;
  • psychoanalysis;
  • evangelisation;
  • torture, beatings and rape.

The results are always the same...

More of this foul man's loving Christian views here: Peter Saunders promotes discredited ex-gay therapies

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