Saturday, 11 January 2014

*Tap, tap* "Is this thing on?"

This blog is not quite dead. I've sort of neglected it, but it's still been around: slouching about the place, fiddling with the ornaments and stealing snacks out the fridge. So I reckoned it was time I made it earn its keep.

Part of the reason, well most of the reason, is that I got a phone call yesterday from a production company that makes programmes for national TV. I've already been on local TV news twice, in very brief interviews; something that isn't exactly newsworthy except for me and those who know me. National TV is different. There's no guarantee I'll make it to the final list for a 15 minute interview, but if I do, it'll be one of the rare times someone who identifies as genderqueer gets out from under the rug where we're usually swept.

Whatever happens, I'll post it here.
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