Monday, 26 March 2012

Just Plain Sense: Till Political Convenience Do Us Part (reblog)

Christine Burns has just published a very important article about marriage (and civil partnership) equality rights for all, gay and straight, in the UK. You should read this. It's important.

The coalition government has begun a three month public consultation on equal civil marriage for same sex couples.
Central to this debate is the argument that having two kinds of legal partnership -- civil partnership for same sex couples and marriage for heterosexual ones -- is divisive and discriminatory. Why, if they are meant to be the same thing, should this difference persist? And, if they're not the same thing, does this imply that one is inferior to the other?
The government proposes to make civil marriage (the legal part of what heterosexual couples currently sign up to) available to same sex couples as well. They're not proposing to impose changes on the religious aspects of marriage.
At the same time the coalition proposes to retain civil partnership for same sex partners who don't want the new option, but not to open it to opposite sex couples.
Arguments against all aspects of these proposals will consume the media during the consultation period, and undoubtedly again when a Bill is debated in Parliament.
All this noise threatens to erase the viewpoint of one group whose rights could be the "collateral damage" in whatever accommodation is made. These are the people whose interests I want to discuss.

READ THE REST HERE: Just Plain Sense: Till Political Convenience Do Us Part
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