Wednesday, 15 February 2012

JAMA censors circumcision critics |

This is important, so I'm reposting the introduction here. Male circumcision is currently being promoted by some as a prophylactic measure against HIV/AIDS. Obviously, nobody sane wants AIDS to spread. Equally obviously, there must be a sound medical reason for cutting part of your, or your son's, penis off.
The difficult part is sifting through the evidence and evaluating it. Here's one interesting take on the question.

Circumcision promoters given open slather

An extraordinary feature of the United States today is the widening gulf between popular and professional medical attitudes towards routine circumcision, and the sharp divisions of opinion among medical and health professionals themselves. On one side we can see a flood of attacks on circumcision on blogs, websites, Youtube and in the mass media; more and more young parents deciding not to circumcise their boys; increasing numbers of circumcised men voicing their anger and resentment at having been circumcised, and taking up the onerous task of foreskin restoration; and if that was not a sufficient indication of the way the wind is blowing, it appears that a significant number of Jewish Americans are also abandoning circumcision in favour of peaceful naming ceremonies. Given the swelling flood of critical comment, it looks as though the "tipping point" predicted by Geoffrey Miller is rapidly approaching.

Read the rest at: Tobian and Gray on circumcision in JAMA |
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