Saturday, 7 January 2012

Work It: an insult to everyone's intelligence

I don't live in the USA, so I've been spared exposure to the current example of media stupidity doing the rounds: Work It. This is a TV sitcom loosely inspired by the classic film Seven Year Itch. Allegedly. Unfortunately, from all reports it lacks the wit and charm of the original, merely perpetuating and exacerbating several very nasty and demeaning stereotypes, all to the merry tune of canned laughter. In spite of universal condemnation and pleas not to be so bloody stupid and insensitive, ABC aired the first episode this week. It was panned from here to the Moon and back.

The amazing Natalie from Skepchick (blogger find of the year, in my opinion) valiantly sat through the whole damn thing, even though she must have been feeling physically sick most of the time.

This is what she has to say on the nasty little mess: Working Out My Feelings On “Work It
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