Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My Only Reservation Is That Lavender Really Doesn't Suit Me

Like a one-hit pop band, eternally recycling the songs from their first and only album, the egregious Eugene just sent me an e-mail crowing about the passing of the abysmally moronic SB49 - the infamous "Don't Say Gay" bill - in Tennessee in May 2011. To be fair, Delgaudio's personal calendar is stuck at about 1935, so 2011 is already quite a leap forward in time for him.

SB49 restricted Sex Education classes in public schools to ONLY the biology of human reproduction.

It guaranteed children would not be taught ANY abnormal or perverse sexual behaviors.

But I want you to know what we were up against.

Outside the Tennessee capital, throngs of enraged homosexual activists spewed insults and hatred in typical fashion.

And on the blogs and on youtube, the Homosexual Lobby cranked up their obscene trash spewing machine.

Click here if you want to see one of their most offensive video smearing traditional values with lies.

Warning: it is laced with profanity so make sure the kids are out of the room.

Obscene trash, eh? Profanity, lies and smears? Oh, Eugene, you are such a tease. Now I have to watch it.

Well, I'll grant you they all say "fuck" a lot, but it's only a word. It's not going to do anything. In any case, if I had to choose between between a bunch of happy, lively, complex-free youngsters who swear a lot, and a prissy, hypocritical old closet-case who spews hatred... well, bye-bye Eugene and Fuck You.

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