Saturday, 21 January 2012

Eugene Delgaudio thinks he's above the law - Plague of Mice

We already knew the lunatic lone anti-gay crusader trading under the name of Eugene Delgaudio had not only a problem with reality, but also some difficulty in distinguishing between legal and illegal as regards his own behaviour. There’s the spam, of course: email harvesting and refusal to respect unsubscribe requests. We now have what looks suspiciously like proof that he uses harvested names and emails to sign his petitions, with neither the knowledge nor the consent of the individuals concerned. No, I have signed no petitions recently. Nor have I signed up to receive his vicious, lying and yet mind-numbingly repetitive newsletter. In fact, I haven’t even been near his website. One trick ponies only provide brief amusement, and Delgaudio’s trick isn’t even that good.

I got this unpleasant shock a few minutes ago. Now, don’t get me wrong: it’s not a shock because it arrived. Delgaudio doesn’t know that it’s rude to keep sending emails to people who have repeatedly informed you through all the proper channels that they don’t want them. No, the shock was due to the fact that he claims I signed a petition when I didn’t.

More shock horror revelations here: Eugene Delgaudio thinks he's above the law - Plague of Mice

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