Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Gonzalo Lira: why you are a bigot - Plague of Mice

Yesterday, I tweeted a link to a homophobic blog post with the comment ‘Logic #FAIL’. This upset the blogger in question. You see, he is convinced he is not bigoted or homophobic in any way; indeed he gets quite hurt at the accusation. I am sure he thinks he is being honest about this. I am also sure he is quite wrong. Just as wrong as those people who accused Rebecca Watson of over-reacting in #elevatorgate For those who didn’t follow that incident: some insensitive idiots condemned an intelligent woman as a hysterical bitch – or worse – for saying, after having been invited for ‘coffee’ in someone’s hotel room in an hotel elevator at 4 am, “Please don’t do that guys, it’s scary and oppressive”.

In essence, he says: “I’m not homophobic, but…” – and I quote verbatim – “Gay rights—no.”

Run that one past me again? You’re not homophobic in any way, yet you would deny gay people basic human rights?

More gems here: Gonzalo Lira: why you are a bigot - Plague of Mice

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