Thursday, 24 November 2011

Update on SOPA/PIPA - USA citizens, get ready to make a phone call

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Here's an email I just received as an update on the SOPA disaster of a bill in the USA. OK, everybody. Try and shake off the turkey/tofu-induced sluggishness and don't let this dangerous nonsense through.

The Internet Censorship Bill took a massive beating last week (yeah, you did that!) but drug companies, movie studios and the Chamber of Commerce do *not* go down easy.

Now-- get this-- they're telling Congress it's a "jobs" bill.

This is dangerous.  Everyone in Congress is desperate to do something to create jobs. Now the most powerful lobbies in Washington are banging down their doors, saying "this is your (only) chance to pass a jobs bill."

Since Congress is away for the holiday, there's one priority: sign up as many people as possible for a massive call-in day when Congress returns.

Click here to join in, by committing to call your Senator

Since the House's "SOPA" has such a bad name (yes, you did that) lobbyists are moving their weight behind the Senate version, PIPA ("The PROTECT IP Act"). The Senate's censorship bill is just as bad; it's only missing a few of SOPA's extra-crazy provisions, like the ones that could send you to jail for singing a pop song on YouTube. The website blocking provisions are all there. Still, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid thinks that with the attention on SOPA, he can sneak PIPA through quickly when Congress returns.

Reid needs to know this bill won't move forward without a fight. That's why we're organizing a call-in day for Tuesday, using the same tools that our heroes at Tumblr used last week.  It's kind of perfect. While Congress rests we've got 5 full days to sign up friends, colleagues, Twitter followers-- everybody. Then on Tuesday we'll unleash a storm of phone calls.

Click here to sign up, and then get others signed up too.

This weekend, instead of nobly vegging out on the internet, you can fight for the future of the internet and freedom of speech. Every ounce of time you spend counts.

Signups now, phone calls Tuesday. Start your engines.

Holmes Wilson
Fight for the Future /
P.S. Are you a Tumblr user?  We just put up a special section with extra-easy instructions for Tumblr users to add a "Stop Censorship" button to their site:
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Matt Foss said...

This is what I get for not following the news for a few weeks.  I didn't realize this bill was making so much headway.  As the great Will Smith would say, "Aww hell naw."