Monday, 28 November 2011

Tony Perkins Says I Am Not Alone - Plague of Mice

I got this the other day, but I was too busy with important things – like the USA trying to pass a censorship bill – to share it at the time. Here you go:
family research council
November 24, 2011
Dear Jay,
I thought you would want to know: You are not alone!
Responses have been pouring in to the Defend Family Values Quiz, in which you participated recently.
Like you, more Americans are waking up to what’s happening to their religious freedoms.
More Americans are finding out what laws like the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) would mean (hint: it could be renamed as the Discrimination Against Christians in the Workplace Act).
Cobblers. We’ve been through all this with Eugene ‘Fear The Peen’ Delgaudio. It’s a bare-faced lie, as the Wikipedia article sums up quite nicely...
... but you'll need to read the rest here: Tony Perkins Says I Am Not Alone - Plague of Mice

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