Saturday, 5 November 2011

Love and hate-mongers

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Yesterday was something of a whirlwind. I met the members of my local LGBT association for the first time, had a great evening. Slight headache today: must remember to stay away from the white wine; it doesn't mix with my medicine.

I should maybe learn to salsa: there was somebody I'd rather have liked to ask to dance.

It was fantastic, being able to relax and chat with people who might not be quite like me, but are prepared to listen and try to understand. They were incredibly patient; I must have been a bore, as I realise I really need to talk, having bottled it all up for so long. I suppose we all go through that when we first come out.

Talking with my new friends, I learned there had been a peaceful demonstration earlier that day. I hadn't known about it and couldn't have gone anyway as I had my monthly psychiatric appointment (he was surprised by my haircut: why? He knows I'm trans). What was the reason for this outrage? Well, our friend Eugene would have considered it an outrage and proof of the evil homosexual agenda (which I still haven't received). An anti-gay cult has moved into town, selling 'gay cures'. More on them in my next post.

Finishing on a happy note, here's Sinfest again.

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