Sunday, 6 November 2011

Living Waters want to grab you and drag you down to drown

My home town has just been infested by a local branch of Living Waters Europe. Like Scientology, they prey on the vulnerable, selling 'gay cures' out of the local Evangelical church for €300 a pop, plus documentation. Here's what they claim to do, lifted off their own 'About' page:
Living Waters provides Christ-centered help for those struggling with a variety of sexual and relational problems, and for those with life-defining illnesses. Our help is founded on the biblical foundation of compassion, integrity, and dependence on God.
"Sexual and relational problems" is a big giveaway of course, and so is "life-defining illnesses". They're targeting gays, AIDS sufferers, the abused and the depressed. More specifically:
3. For whom is Living Waters?
Living Waters is aimed at people who want to grow in their true, God given identity and their ability to have healthy relationships.

A Living Waters group is open to people with various issues:


  • fear of men or women, difficulty in establishing intimate relationships
  • having difficulty in saying 'no', keeping healthy boundaries
  • emotional dependency, codependency
  • victims of abuse (emotional, mental, physical, sexual)
  • various forms of addiction
    no intimate relationship with God, distorted image of God as Father, no reality of the Cross in everyday life
(sexual) identity
  • low self esteem
  • feelings of emptiness
  • homosexual or lesbian feelings
  • pornography, promiscuity
  • sexual fantasies and addiction
I could sound off at length about this, or any other, ex-gay 'ministry' and the suffering they create and perpetuate. On the other hand, it's already been done (see sites like Truth Wins Out for more information). It also looks to me as if there's some kind of victim-blaming going on.

What I want to know is: where do these weasels get their funding? And what do they hope to achieve in a country where atheism isn't a dirty word?

I also want to know which "Church" they're trying to drag people into, because that's something they're very careful to avoid specifying.

Note for connoisseurs of stupidity: the leaflet distributed in my area was printed in Comic Sans font.
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