Thursday, 17 November 2011

American Censorship Day

OK, this is 24 hours late, but I had a migraine. In any case, this isn't just a one-off, one-day thing. Until everybody has hammered it into the skulls of the RIAA and Government control freaks that censoring the Internet is a very, very bad thing to do (bad as in: wrong, immoral, unethical, undemocratic), this campaign needs to keep on gaining momentum.

Like so much recent legislation to "protect" things, this is being rushed through by the wrong (i.e. unqualified) people and wide open to abuse. Take this, for example:

Website Blocking
The government can order service providers to block websites for infringing links posted by any users.
That's institutionalised bullying. It would also mean that anybody can be censored, since generally lawyers issue takedown notices first and (may) talk afterwards.

Incidentally, censoring sites the government doesn't approve of is what countries like China do, and bills of this sort pave the way to making this kind of behaviour more acceptable. For example:

This blog is so subversive and immoral, it is inaccessible from China.

Want proof?

Website Test Results
Tested From:Shanghai, China
Tested At:2011-11-17
08:16:30 (GMT -05:00)
URL Tested:
Resolved As:
Status:Failure in receiving network data
Response Time:3.587 sec
DNS:1.675 sec
Connect:0.118 sec
Redirect:0.000 sec
First Byte:0.000 sec
Last Byte:1.795 sec
Size:0 bytes
Tested From:Seattle, WA
Tested At:2011-11-17
08:16:30 (GMT -05:00)
URL Tested:
Resolved As:
Response Time:1.092 sec
DNS:0.389 sec
Connect:0.009 sec
Redirect:0.000 sec
First Byte:0.570 sec
Last Byte:0.125 sec
Size:91729 bytes

Watch the video, visit the website, write to your Congressman if you live in the USA, and spread the word.

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