Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Yes! "They Go To Die" FUNDED!

For the past month, my heart has been breaking as I watched far more trivial projects getting more funding than they need (please note, I don't say more than they deserve). But today, the news broke: with just 5 days left, They Go To Die has reached its minimum funding target.

So to recap: if you're a straight white male in an affluent society in the northern hemisphere, people will notice you. If you're a poor, black miner dying of AIDS and tuberculosis in South Africa, it's very hard to make people care.

  • Libraries are important
  • Exposing quacks and charlatans as frauds is important
  • Encouraging young musicians, writers and artists is important
  • Saving your local post office is important
but saving people's lives from deadly but preventable diseases is vital.

I know being able to say that you helped fund a project for one of your favourite authors gives you a nice warm fuzzy feeling, but if the project is already well over-funded, please donate to someone who needs it. It might just help save a life.

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