Friday, 7 October 2011

Straight bullied for not being homophobic

Copy of email received from The story broke a couple of days ago. So in Tennessee you're not allowed to show that you love and support LGBT family members without being pushed around by some moron who's paid to know better?

Let's all sign the petition and get some butt kicked (in a peaceful and totally non-aggressive manner, of course).
Tell Monroe County officials to fully investigate a high school principal's assault on student who wants a Gay-Straight Alliance
Sign the Petition
Dear supporter,
Chris Sigler wants a Gay-Straight Alliance at his Tennessee high school, but his principal says no. When Chris wore a shirt to school supporting the club, that same principal allegedly assaulted Chris -- and neither the school nor the sheriff's office has fully investigated the assault since it occurred last Friday.
Chris was taking an economics exam when Principal Maurice Moser stormed into the classroom and ordered all other students to leave. (Chris's sister, who was in the same class, refused to go.) Principal Moser shoved Chris against the wall, repeatedly bumped his chest against Chris, and shouted, "Who's the big man now?" 
When the folks at the Tennessee Equality Project and the GSA Network heard about Monroe County's failure to investigate the assault on Chris, they knew something had to be done. So they started a petition on demanding a full investigation into the principal's assualt on Chris -- and the creation of a Gay-Straight Alliance club at Chris's school. Please add your name to their petition now.
Chris, who is straight, had been trying since August to create a Gay-Straight Alliance at Sequoyah High School. Chris wanted to create the club to provide support for gay students, including his sister, Jessica, who is bisexual. But Principal Moser blocked Chris from creating the group.
So Chris created a home-made T-shirt to support the club. The back of his shirt read, "Gay-Straight Alliance: We've Got Your Back." That was enough to provoke Principal Moser to assault his own student in the middle of an exam.
The principal's assault on Chris warrants a full investigation from the sheriff and the school district. And it's evidence enough that Sequoyah High School needs a Gay-Straight Alliance. Sign the petition on calling for a thorough investigation of the assault on Chris Sigler:
Thanks for being a change-maker,
- Eden and the team

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