Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Magic water, intolerance and Total Reality Failure

After much argument, this post has been adopted by our Skeptical blog, which had been lusting after it for some time. Because homeopathy.

Someone had already pointed out this nutcase to me, since he recently posted a frothing homophobic rant about James Randi. For those who might not know, Randi is the elderly skeptic who has set up a foundation offering USD 1m to the first person who can prove that they really are telepathic, or can bend spoons with their minds, or cure real diseases with sugar pills. He’s also out as gay.

Now, the homeopaths hate Randi, with a passion that’s quite encouraging. Let’s face it, if all these sugar-and-water merchants can’t (won’t doesn’t wash, not when there’s $1m at stake) prove their nice little money-spinner does any real good except to their bank accounts, then they must really hate the people who threaten their comfortable living from fleecing the gullible and the desperately unhappy.

The raving homeopath who seems to hate Randi as much for being gay as for being rational is called John Benneth. That’s him on the left. Walking as he does on the far side of reality, his spelling is sometimes as incoherent as his comments. Today the screaming headline on this lunatic’s blog read:


More insanity here: Benneth: succussing the gay away - Plague of Mice

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