Sunday, 16 October 2011

Eugene Delgaudio Objects to Amanda Simpson Existing

Eugene, Eugene, we must stop meeting like this. Twice in as many days could cause comment! Plus you’re getting your frilly little knickers in a twist over something that happened nearly two years ago. I ask you. Although I suppose being just two years behind the times is radically advanced thinking for someone whose mindset appears to have been fashioned about a century before he was born.

I’ve tidied up the email a little. It contains truly excruciating HTML which I’ve toned down, and I’ve removed most of the usual pleas for money to fund this obnoxious little obsessive’s rantings. In case you’re inclined to simply laugh at him, remember he’s selling intolerance and bigotry as hard as he can. He links to known hate groups and ex-gay associations, thinks wingnuts like Glenn Beck and Anne Coulter are spineless sellouts, and has a virulent fear of homosexuality to the point of setting off gaydars for miles around.

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