Friday, 14 October 2011

Eugene Delgaudio Might Have A Mailing List Problem - Plague of Mice

Public Advocate
A bit of the old Impersonating A Government Officer, eh, Eugene?
I just received this little gem of semi-literate paranoia begging for contributions to a political campaign. These guys must have poached my email from somewhere, possibly from another site where I was happily messing around with a “survey” trying to drum up support for anti-LGBT propaganda. I certainly didn’t sign any petition for “family values”. Frothing conservatives please note: I have kids of my own and anyone who treats them wrong will find their arse doesn’t touch the ground for several dozen feet. That includes trying to stuff their heads with reactionary misogynistic, homophobic, scientophobic bullcrap.
Furthermore, I don’t live in the USA. In fact I’ve never been there in my life. I certainly don’t feel threatened by homosexuals in any way. Nobody has ever tried to “recruit” me into any strange perversions – more’s the pity – or pushed a gay agenda in my face, despite my living in a part of the world Eugene seems to consider decadent. We wish....

Read the sorry tale here: Eugene Delgaudio Might Have A Mailing List Problem - Plague of Mice

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