Friday, 21 October 2011

Eugene Delgaudio: conspiracy theorist and hatemonger - Plague of Mice

Eugene Fear-the-Peen has a problem with reality, that we know. From his last email, literally begging for money, we know he also has a problem with understanding simple phrases like “That’s not legal, Eugene”. After that last exercise in paranoia, I replied to the email suggesting that he take a look at this blog before contacting me again. Maybe somebody did, but I doubt it. I got another email last night, as deluded and offensive as ever. Once I’m done with chewing it up, it gets reported as spam.
You see, I don’t know what the spam laws are in the USA, but here in Europe it’s simple: you can’t send unsolicited commercial/political emails to someone unless they’ve indicated in some way that they’re interested. Being a customer: yes. Signing up as a member of an organisation, yes. Lifting someone’s information out of a survey (the anti-gay one that LGBT people merrily messed up) without informing them that they will be signed up to a mailing list: no. That’s not legal, Eugene. Forget US federal law, it’s European law that applies, since it’s where I live. You are out of order.
Onto the wingnuttery. It starts really well....
All is revealed in: Eugene Delgaudio: conspiracy theorist and hatemonger - Plague of Mice

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