Thursday, 15 September 2011

I never thought I'd cheer a Fox News anchor

There's been all sorts of ignorant nonsense written about Chaz Bono, because he's transgender and appearing on a reality TV show.

Fox News is a TV channel not noted for its intelligent coverage, or even tolerance, but anchor Megyn Fox is definitely the exception proving the rule here. Watch her get increasingly annoyed as this idiot vomits up out the same intolerant bullshit that was previously applied to gays.

Seeing someone who's transgender, or gay, or female, or coloured on TV and being presented in a positive light isn't going to make anyone suddenly transgendered, gay, female or coloured. What it can do is help those who are understand themselves better and realise that they aren't monsters or mutants or maybe a bit crazy. That we don't need to hide away or be ashamed of ourselves. That we're not alone, even if we do feel like the odd ones out.

It can also help family and friends accept us more easily, with less personal recrimination along the lines of OMG-where-did-I-fail-as-a-parent.

Being trans is something you are, not what you choose to be. And that psychiatrist is about as clued-in on transgender as Marcus Bachmann is on teh gayz. Idiot. Arrogant, righteous, incompetent, loudmouthed idiot.

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