Wednesday, 28 September 2011 Homophobia? There's an app for that!

Alright, this one definitely comes under the heading of "What Was This Idiot Thinking?". I've done a bit of research of the creator of this app, currently available in the Android appstore, and he doesn't seem to be homophobic: in fact, he may be gay himself. He is several sandwiches short of a picnic in terms of realising how much harm can be caused by putting a completely unscientific "survey" up for general access.

This is from's online petition. Please sign it. We need to hammer it into Google's collective thick skull that potentially harmful rubbish like this (they've only just pulled a "Jewish or not?" app!) shouldn't make it into the store in the first place.
Google's Android Marketplace is selling smartphone owners of all ages an app which promises to answer what they think is a pressing question: "Is My Son Gay?"

If we alert the Google team to this outrageous questionnaire, we're sure they'll do the right thing and shut it down. 
  1. Before he was born, did you wish for a girl?
  2. Has he ever been in a fight?
  3. Does he read the sports page in the newspaper?
  4. Is his best friend a girl?
  5. Does he like team sports?
  6. Is he modest?
  7. Is he a fan of divas (Madonna, Britney Spears)?
  8. Does he spend a long time in the bathroom?
  9. Does he piercings in his tongue, nose or ears?
  10. Do you wonder about your son's sexual orientation?
  11. Are you divorced?
  12. Does he like musical comedies?
  13. Has he ever introduced you to a girlfriend?
  14. Is his father a very authoritarian person?
  15. Within your family, is the father absent at all?
  16. During his childhood, was he timid or discreet?
  17. Does he have a complicated relationship with his father?
  18. Does he take a long time to do his hair?
  19. Does he like to dress well: is he very careful when choosing his outfits and selecting brands?
  20. Does he like football?
If you're wondering what any of these questions have to do with being gay, then so am I.
Please sign the petition.

UPDATE: Success! Dumb app withdrawn

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