Sunday, 5 October 2014

The true face of the anti-gay movement

Same-sex marriage was legalised a year and a half ago in France, amidst a rising tide of ignorance, fear and hate from the extreme right and ultra-religious lobbies. The first gay marriage had to have police protection, as extreme-right bully boys wanted to get into the ceremony and create a disturbance.

Since then, there have been a fair number of marriages, the very fabric of society has failed to collapse and, worst of all, LGBT folk are being increasingly perceived as normal people. This will not do at all. After all, if you’re thundering forth that homosexuality is sin and that anyone who “chooses a homosexual lifestyle” is evil and immoral and corrupt, it causes problems when people are out and proud, with everybody looking at them and saying “But they’re just like us and don’t live any differently.”

The bigots’ lobby has a response to this: invent bugbears to … (Continue reading → )

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