Friday, 16 December 2011

Merry solstice celebrations

Whatever you prefer to call it, a little celebration to brighten up the longest nights of the year in the northern hemisphere and occupy the longest days in the southern is always fun. So enjoy it, without excess. I'm going on holiday break and probably won't post again until the New Year. I've got a lot of things to think about and do, so perhaps I'll post some of it here then.

In the meantime for your delight is today's cartoon from the ever-poetic and reliable Sinfest.

And for those facing the holidays on your own due to divorce, bereavement or illness: it's not easy, but it can get better. There are plenty of other lonely people out there and it's quite possible there's something going on in your neighbourhood that you can join in with. If you're stuck in bed with something nasty, well there'll always be the Internet. The time I had pneumonia over New Year I levelled twice, completed a major quest and still got to see in the new year in over five different time zones.
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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Gonzalo Lira: why you are a bigot - Plague of Mice

Yesterday, I tweeted a link to a homophobic blog post with the comment ‘Logic #FAIL’. This upset the blogger in question. You see, he is convinced he is not bigoted or homophobic in any way; indeed he gets quite hurt at the accusation. I am sure he thinks he is being honest about this. I am also sure he is quite wrong. Just as wrong as those people who accused Rebecca Watson of over-reacting in #elevatorgate For those who didn’t follow that incident: some insensitive idiots condemned an intelligent woman as a hysterical bitch – or worse – for saying, after having been invited for ‘coffee’ in someone’s hotel room in an hotel elevator at 4 am, “Please don’t do that guys, it’s scary and oppressive”.

In essence, he says: “I’m not homophobic, but…” – and I quote verbatim – “Gay rights—no.”

Run that one past me again? You’re not homophobic in any way, yet you would deny gay people basic human rights?

More gems here: Gonzalo Lira: why you are a bigot - Plague of Mice

I think Eugene Delgaudio needs his bottom smacked - Plague of Mice

Eugene Delgaudio is a very naughty boy, a very naughty boy indeed. I told him to take me off his mailing list, and he said he had. But he hasn’t! No, Eugene was fibbing; he kept my email address in his list, waiting for my back to be turned, and WHAM! Here’s this spittle-flecked rant in my inbox and there’s Eugene doing a Nonchalant Walk down the road as fast as his little legs will carry him. He’ll still get reported for spam.

Public Advocate USA
Still trying to make your letterheads look official, I see.
Dear Pro-family American,
A quick pause while I don my Union Jack waistcoat and matching socks.
The Radical Homosexuals infiltrating the United States Congress have a plan:
Indoctrinate an entire generation of American children with pro-homosexual propaganda and eliminate traditional values from American society.
The word you’re fumbling for is “educate”, not “indoctrinate”. If by “traditional values” you mean greed, waste and bullying those weaker than you – because that’s all I’ve seen you advocate so far – then those are best eliminated from any society. I doubt you mean those. This is just another of your wild accusations isn’t it? An appeal to emotion using weasel words rather than any of those nasty, inconvenient facts. Dear me, how unworthy of you.

More True Murrican idiocy here: I think Eugene Delgaudio needs his bottom smacked - Plague of Mice

Friday, 2 December 2011

LGBT people make bad parents? Sure?

It's amazing the lies the far-right tell to make you think they're open-minded. There's a sadly deluded person at who buys into the ultra-Catholic ultra-right doctrine ('cause it ain't science) of NARTH that homosexuality is mostly, if not entirely, environmental: i.e. you weren't born that way.

This one is an absolute cracker: Daughters of Lesbian Parents More Likely to Engage in Same-Sex Behavior and Identify as Bisexual.

Evidence to substantiate that doctrine draws upon small-sample studies of girls born to lesbian mothers. Not adopted. So naturally, if there is a strong genetic element to homosexuality, you'd expect to see more of it in natural children, while in adopted children incidence should be closer to overall population average. If it's environmental, incidence should be the same for both groups.

Oddly enough, there's no information on adopted daughters. I see the blogger claims an oddly-appropriate BS in Political Science (where I live, that's a BA, but what the hell. This is funnier). He should therefore know better.

So here's a beautifully articulate young man to explain what it's like growing up in a family where both nurturing parents are of the same sex:

Zach Wahls, a 19-year-old University of Iowa student spoke about the strength of his family during a public forum on House Joint Resolution 6 in the Iowa House of Representatives. Wahls has two mothers, and came to oppose House Joint Resolution 6 which would end civil unions in Iowa.

The fight to to keep marriage equality in Iowa continues, help us support Iowans like Zach.
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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Family Research Council's Family Values - Plague of Mice

Once again, the Family Research Council viciously abuses helpless punctuation to spread homophobic lies.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to rip apart the latest snippet of good ol’ ignorance and lies from one of our favourite hate groups: the Family Research Council and its president and spokesmoron, Tony Perkins. Fans of the “scare quote” will be overjoyed.

family research council

November 28, 2011

Dear Jay,
You recently took our Defend Family Values Quiz. I’d like to briefly tell you more about one of your answers.
Don’t worry, I only took it to annoy them and see what reaction I’d get. I’m such a tease, aren’t I?

We asked, “True or False? Due to religious exemptions, same-sex ‘marriage’ would not harm the rights of parents, schools, churches, or religious ministries.”
The answer was: “FALSE.” Shockingly, when same-sex “marriage” was legalized in Massachusetts, a Christian adoption agency was shut down because it refused to put children into the hands of homosexual parents.

You can read the rest of this hysterical lunacy here: Family Research Council's Family Values - Plague of Mice

What do you know about HIV/AIDS?

English: The Red ribbon is a symbol for solida...Image via Wikipedia
Here's a short and simple quiz to see how much you know about the basics of HIV transmission. The scary thing is most people get it wrong.

Especially young people, who are most at risk. AIDS is not yet curable.

CrowdOutAIDS is a collaborative online/offline project by and for young people. In four steps, UNAIDS' new strategy on youth and HIV is being developed.
You can sign up to help, and find or tell them about your local associations/activists. It's a worldwide, multilingual organisation. Everyone and anyone can and should get involved.
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