Monday, 31 October 2011

Benneth Part II – THIS is a cure for teh gayz? - Plague of Mice

This Benneth guy spews such incoherent rambles that you get a headache trying to work out what he’s trying to say. Even other homeopaths seem to think he’s daft as a brush, but you have to admit John Benneth is good entertainment value once you learn not to take him seriously in any way at all. It doesn’t take long. The learning curve is more of a Learning Vertical Line in his case To recap, I’ve been keeping an eye on him ever since he announced he had a homeopathic cure for homosexuality. How could I possibly miss out on such a momentous event? I’ve had plenty of popcorn ready in anticipation of fun and, boyohboyohboy, has my investment paid off:

Read the rest here: Benneth Part II – THIS is a cure for teh gayz? - Plague of Mice

Friday, 28 October 2011

First attempt at passing

Hurray for Hallowe'en. This will no doubt send the Eugenes of this world into a spittle-flecked rant, but if you can't use a fancy-dress party to try out your passing skills then what's the point?

The delicious part of this is that the person who invited me to the party and who will be helping me with the get-up is definitely on the Staunch Catholic side of things. I could probably never tell her what I really am, she wouldn't understand. Lovely person, shame about the religious corsetry.

Coincidentally, this comic appeared on Freefall today. It's totally SFW to click on the link and read the archives, as I think this is the closest it's ever got to sexy. OTOH your boss might not appreciate you spending hours reading through it all.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Magic water, intolerance and Total Reality Failure

After much argument, this post has been adopted by our Skeptical blog, which had been lusting after it for some time. Because homeopathy.

Someone had already pointed out this nutcase to me, since he recently posted a frothing homophobic rant about James Randi. For those who might not know, Randi is the elderly skeptic who has set up a foundation offering USD 1m to the first person who can prove that they really are telepathic, or can bend spoons with their minds, or cure real diseases with sugar pills. He’s also out as gay.

Now, the homeopaths hate Randi, with a passion that’s quite encouraging. Let’s face it, if all these sugar-and-water merchants can’t (won’t doesn’t wash, not when there’s $1m at stake) prove their nice little money-spinner does any real good except to their bank accounts, then they must really hate the people who threaten their comfortable living from fleecing the gullible and the desperately unhappy.

The raving homeopath who seems to hate Randi as much for being gay as for being rational is called John Benneth. That’s him on the left. Walking as he does on the far side of reality, his spelling is sometimes as incoherent as his comments. Today the screaming headline on this lunatic’s blog read:


More insanity here: Benneth: succussing the gay away - Plague of Mice

Friday, 21 October 2011

Eugene Delgaudio: conspiracy theorist and hatemonger - Plague of Mice

Eugene Fear-the-Peen has a problem with reality, that we know. From his last email, literally begging for money, we know he also has a problem with understanding simple phrases like “That’s not legal, Eugene”. After that last exercise in paranoia, I replied to the email suggesting that he take a look at this blog before contacting me again. Maybe somebody did, but I doubt it. I got another email last night, as deluded and offensive as ever. Once I’m done with chewing it up, it gets reported as spam.
You see, I don’t know what the spam laws are in the USA, but here in Europe it’s simple: you can’t send unsolicited commercial/political emails to someone unless they’ve indicated in some way that they’re interested. Being a customer: yes. Signing up as a member of an organisation, yes. Lifting someone’s information out of a survey (the anti-gay one that LGBT people merrily messed up) without informing them that they will be signed up to a mailing list: no. That’s not legal, Eugene. Forget US federal law, it’s European law that applies, since it’s where I live. You are out of order.
Onto the wingnuttery. It starts really well....
All is revealed in: Eugene Delgaudio: conspiracy theorist and hatemonger - Plague of Mice

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

PSA Announcement: Don't Say Gay

Presented without comment because it's so darned cute.

Yes! "They Go To Die" FUNDED!

For the past month, my heart has been breaking as I watched far more trivial projects getting more funding than they need (please note, I don't say more than they deserve). But today, the news broke: with just 5 days left, They Go To Die has reached its minimum funding target.

So to recap: if you're a straight white male in an affluent society in the northern hemisphere, people will notice you. If you're a poor, black miner dying of AIDS and tuberculosis in South Africa, it's very hard to make people care.

  • Libraries are important
  • Exposing quacks and charlatans as frauds is important
  • Encouraging young musicians, writers and artists is important
  • Saving your local post office is important
but saving people's lives from deadly but preventable diseases is vital.

I know being able to say that you helped fund a project for one of your favourite authors gives you a nice warm fuzzy feeling, but if the project is already well over-funded, please donate to someone who needs it. It might just help save a life.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Eugene Delgaudio fears for his wallet life - Plague of Mice

Tidying up the HTML on this rubbish is too much for my patience, but unfortunately Eugene was so eager to carry on our guilty little correspondence that he or his hapless minion didn’t spend much time trying to tart up today’s little effort. Well, you have to understand that money is tight. Those evil homosexuals have it all, and they’re not letting go of it. Well, that’s certainly true; otherwise I would have received my free copy of the Homosexual Agenda by now, surely? I mean, I asked around and even Act Up on Twitter said they hadn’t received theirs either. Appalling, I call it. Well, here we go:
Public Advocate USA
Dear Jay,
In the past, the radical homosexuals have attempted to kill me, even threatening and stalking my family. However, all that did was make me more determined than ever to fight them.

More deluded paranoia here: Eugene Delgaudio fears for his life - Plague of Mice

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Eugene Delgaudio Objects to Amanda Simpson Existing

Eugene, Eugene, we must stop meeting like this. Twice in as many days could cause comment! Plus you’re getting your frilly little knickers in a twist over something that happened nearly two years ago. I ask you. Although I suppose being just two years behind the times is radically advanced thinking for someone whose mindset appears to have been fashioned about a century before he was born.

I’ve tidied up the email a little. It contains truly excruciating HTML which I’ve toned down, and I’ve removed most of the usual pleas for money to fund this obnoxious little obsessive’s rantings. In case you’re inclined to simply laugh at him, remember he’s selling intolerance and bigotry as hard as he can. He links to known hate groups and ex-gay associations, thinks wingnuts like Glenn Beck and Anne Coulter are spineless sellouts, and has a virulent fear of homosexuality to the point of setting off gaydars for miles around.

Read more about Eugene Delgaudio's transphobic rant about Amanda Simpson

Friday, 14 October 2011

Eugene Delgaudio Might Have A Mailing List Problem - Plague of Mice

Public Advocate
A bit of the old Impersonating A Government Officer, eh, Eugene?
I just received this little gem of semi-literate paranoia begging for contributions to a political campaign. These guys must have poached my email from somewhere, possibly from another site where I was happily messing around with a “survey” trying to drum up support for anti-LGBT propaganda. I certainly didn’t sign any petition for “family values”. Frothing conservatives please note: I have kids of my own and anyone who treats them wrong will find their arse doesn’t touch the ground for several dozen feet. That includes trying to stuff their heads with reactionary misogynistic, homophobic, scientophobic bullcrap.
Furthermore, I don’t live in the USA. In fact I’ve never been there in my life. I certainly don’t feel threatened by homosexuals in any way. Nobody has ever tried to “recruit” me into any strange perversions – more’s the pity – or pushed a gay agenda in my face, despite my living in a part of the world Eugene seems to consider decadent. We wish....

Read the sorry tale here: Eugene Delgaudio Might Have A Mailing List Problem - Plague of Mice

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

AllOut campaign - PayPal: End the online hate trade

The camapign to encourage PayPal to ban hate groups from using their service (PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy explicitly forbids the promotion of "hate, violence or intolerance") is still active. It's already had some success, but the petition still needs more signatures.

UPDATE 9/20/11:

Our pressure is working- PayPal already dropped several extremist sites! Lets keep up the pressure so PayPal knows we won't give up until they drop all extremist sites

Thanks to PayPal, it's easier than ever to send and receive money across currencies and continents - but it is also PayPal's responsibility to make sure this technology doesn't fall in the wrong hands. Anti-LGBT extremists all over the world are currently using PayPal to fundraise for their dangerous cause.

Not only is it against PayPal's rules to promote promote "hate, violence, [and] racial intolerance," hate groups also damage PayPal's brand and credibility. We ask that PayPal join the fight against online hate and immediately shut down the accounts of anti-LGBT extremist groups using the service. (Posted 9/12/11)

Extremist Sites Served by PayPal

Abiding Truth Ministries (International)

Extremist group that makes the outrageous claim that “the Nazi Party was entirely controlled by militaristic homosexuals.”

New Generation Ministries (Latvia/International)

Extremist church based in Latvia with branches in 15 different countries. The church's members have been tied to the homophobic murder of Satendar Singh. In one video, at an anti-LGBT rally, church leader Alexy Ledyaev says, “homosexuals are not happy or spiritual people, because they were molested and abused in their childhoods, but that does not give them the right to abuse and rape others!”

Noua Dreaptă (Romania/Balkans)

Ultra-nationalist group that has been linked to organizing demonstrations and planning violent attacks on Pride celebrations in Romania and Moldova.

Dove World Outreach Ministries (United States)

Infamous "Burn the Quran" hate church whose pastor preaches that “homosexuality makes God throw up.”

Julio Severo's Last Days Watchman Site (US/Brazil)

Brazilian anti-LGBT leader and writer/ideologue who fled Brazil after LGBT activists brought a lawsuit against him for incitement of hatred. Julio regularly repeats the lie that 10% of gay people are pedophiles, and goes further to say that most gay men “drink urine, swallow feces and experience rectal traumas on a regular basis”, while they are “drunk, stoned or in orgies.”

Faithful Word Baptist Church (United States)

This church's Pastor Steven L. Anderson has described gays as “sodomites” who “recruit through rape” and “recruit through molestation.”

Family Research Institute (United States)

Known for saying that gay people are predatory and diseased perverts who victimize children.

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (United States)

This group claims homosexuality is a “lethal behavior addiction,” a “dangerous” practice that is “neither normal nor benign.”

American Society for the Defense of Tradition Family and Property (International)

International Catholic extremist group originating in Brazil and with active branches in Argentina and the United States. They are known for organizing homophobic rallies all over the United States and buying advertising asking people to “join the Crusade” of “conscientious resistance” to “the homosexual ‘moral revolution.’”


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Homeless teenagers: someone should give a damn » A Plague Of Mice

I can’t get my head around the idea of families rejecting a child, brother, sister, even a parent because they don’t conform to the perceived heterosexual gender norms or have been infected with HIV...

Homeless teenagers: someone should give a damn » A Plague Of Mice:

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Friday, 7 October 2011

Straight bullied for not being homophobic

Copy of email received from The story broke a couple of days ago. So in Tennessee you're not allowed to show that you love and support LGBT family members without being pushed around by some moron who's paid to know better?

Let's all sign the petition and get some butt kicked (in a peaceful and totally non-aggressive manner, of course).
Tell Monroe County officials to fully investigate a high school principal's assault on student who wants a Gay-Straight Alliance
Sign the Petition
Dear supporter,
Chris Sigler wants a Gay-Straight Alliance at his Tennessee high school, but his principal says no. When Chris wore a shirt to school supporting the club, that same principal allegedly assaulted Chris -- and neither the school nor the sheriff's office has fully investigated the assault since it occurred last Friday.
Chris was taking an economics exam when Principal Maurice Moser stormed into the classroom and ordered all other students to leave. (Chris's sister, who was in the same class, refused to go.) Principal Moser shoved Chris against the wall, repeatedly bumped his chest against Chris, and shouted, "Who's the big man now?" 
When the folks at the Tennessee Equality Project and the GSA Network heard about Monroe County's failure to investigate the assault on Chris, they knew something had to be done. So they started a petition on demanding a full investigation into the principal's assualt on Chris -- and the creation of a Gay-Straight Alliance club at Chris's school. Please add your name to their petition now.
Chris, who is straight, had been trying since August to create a Gay-Straight Alliance at Sequoyah High School. Chris wanted to create the club to provide support for gay students, including his sister, Jessica, who is bisexual. But Principal Moser blocked Chris from creating the group.
So Chris created a home-made T-shirt to support the club. The back of his shirt read, "Gay-Straight Alliance: We've Got Your Back." That was enough to provoke Principal Moser to assault his own student in the middle of an exam.
The principal's assault on Chris warrants a full investigation from the sheriff and the school district. And it's evidence enough that Sequoyah High School needs a Gay-Straight Alliance. Sign the petition on calling for a thorough investigation of the assault on Chris Sigler:
Thanks for being a change-maker,
- Eden and the team

Westminster Skeptics – Juliet Jacques thinking critically about transgender issues » The Pod Delusion - A Podcast about Interesting Things

From The Pod Delusion - A Podcast about Interesting Things: Westminster Skeptics – Juliet Jacques thinking critically about transgender issues »
The emergence of gender variant people, practices and identities following the publication of Magnus Hirschfeld’s Transvestites (1909) and the inter-war invention of sex reassignment technologies posed considerable challenges to conservative, socialist, feminist and gay/lesbian politics: if ‘male’ and ‘female’ were no longer true, then what was?

Consequently, transgender people became an object of fascination, and plenty was written about them – by the mainstream media, feminists and the medical establishment whose management of transsexualism has proved especially controversial – with transgender people themselves frequently excluded from the conversation, with their identities erased or discounted, or having their experiences framed by people or outlets with no lived experience of being transgender.

Juliet Jacques author of the Guardian’s Transgender Journey series which documents the gender reassignment process from a first-person perspective, critically examines some of the ideas and myths that grew around transgender people, and the gulf between mainstream political and media discussions of transgender issues and the autonomous transgender theory and identities that developed in response.
The podcast lasts approx. 54 minutes.